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  • All I want to do is save a number other than a highscore but I can't wrap my head around it for some reason. Shouldn't it be just a simple renaming or is highscore and score function words or something?

    You press a button and it increases a number, then add that number to a different variable and save that number on restart or like when they come back to the game later so they don't have to start all over again.

    I looked at a few tutorials they all seem to be not simple enough or don't work. I had it at one time but my WD PassPort got corrupted and I lost all my stuff. My memory sucks.

  • Hi,

    There are tons of backup examples!

    Did you do a search on the forum?

    Especially since it's very simple!

    You just have to save your game, in "system", you have actions, "save", "load"...

    It's very easy, unlike some programs, to build ready-made actions, your not much to do!

    Otherwise, be clearer!

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  • Je vous remercie. Pardonne-moi mon mauvais français.

    Wow! You were right I didn't even know there was a "save" feature built into C2 and C3. lol

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