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  • Hi folks,

    In the loading screen I make an AJAX call to request a project file (json). This works fine in Preview, Remote Preview and when exporting to a Window 10 phone. However, when exporting to an Android mobile phone or to Web (hosting on itch.io) I get an "Access denied" error.

    Am I missing something?

    Greetings from Brazil,


  • Consider posting a proper bug report for it to be investigated by the devs : https://github.com/Scirra/Construct-3-bugs

  • Well, I did file a bug report, but Scirra just answered that the problem is itch.io's server.

    I found this a little bit odd, because you could expect an absolutely bare bone test project to run with the market leader for HTML5 game hosting without any problems. And why it's not working on Android neither is strange and remains unanswered. This can obviously not be itch.io's fault.

    So I'm kind of stuck. Scirra doesn't even try to get to the bottom of the problem, and I have no clue where to dig to make this work. But maybe some other user has managed to read a local project file successfully on Android or Web, or both?

  • If you're talking about this issue, the problem was the itch.io server, and as Iain suggested at the end you should file a separate issue for the Android problem which sounded unrelated.

  • Ashley, the problem was not the itch.io server. It's a C3 bug, and he causes the problem on Android, too. The itch.io founder brought me on the right track.

    C3 doesn't handle the local text file creation correctly. When you create a new file or rename an existing one to "MyFile.txt" C3 actually creates "myfile.txt", while maintaining the intern reference "MyFile.txt".

    In Windows this doesn't matter, but on Android or the itch.io server (they are case sensitive) the AJAX-Call goes down in a ball of fire.

    I updated the bug report so you can look into that.

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  • Nicely done Tiradentes, wish I was a student in your class.


  • The same has happened to me with a JSON array that I built on C3. When I use it on local preview everything's fine, but whenever I load the arrays from the hosted version it fails... HELP!

  • Until they fix it, just make sure that you rename all file names with lower-case. Then it should work.


  • Until they fix it, just make sure that you rename all file names with lower-case. Then it should work.


    Thanks, man. It worked in Construct 3, both in web and as an APK.

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