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  • Hi guys,

    if anyone has any thoughts or feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

    My C3 project includes about 14 videos. They are .webm videos and each about 5mbs in size.

    I have uploaded my html5 export to my web server and the app works well.

    However, even though the custom loading progress bar hits 100% and the app is downloaded the video obviously doesn't download for about another 5 minutes meaning you can use the app but where the videos should be played they wont until they've fully downloaded 5-10 minutes later.

    The loading progress has always worked for me but I've never used video in my other projects.

    Does the system expression -Loading Progress- not include the loading progress of other files in the project i.e. videos?

    Thanks mucho

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  • Just read this part of the manual which sheds more light

    'By default audio is streamed after the project has started, but it will also be downloaded in step 3 if Preload sounds is enabled. (For more information about loading audio, see Audio in the manual.) So the only thing loading while the progress bar is showing is the images and possibly audio used in the game.'

    Anyone think of a way to make a loading progress for video files then??? :/

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