Loading new levels/games of my app (layouts with its contents) from web server?

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  • Hello, I purchased Construct 3 and I am a total newbie. I searched the forum and tutorials but still could not tell if this possible or not.

    I want to create a simple game library app which contains different small games that kids will be able to choose those games from the menu.

    I want to add new games in time, from my web server. I want that only choosen game would be loaded.

    What I managed so far:

    - I created an example layout which is so simple. I saved it as folders, not one file.

    - I created the PHP file with header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' on server.

    - I upload the example scene to server and make sure the PHP file points out the layout.json file.

    - Then I create an empty project and used AJAX.LastData to get data from the json through PHP file.

    - I could print the content of that json file to the text object on scene.

    My question is how can I load this data as a new layout/scene? In other words, how can I append a layout/scene from another project on server into my game?

    Many people just shared the links about AJAX tutorials but they retrieve only strings. Not the entire layout.

    If it is not possible this way, is there any other way to achieve this with construct 3?


    Here is the link the files on server:


    Note: I have SSL secure in my server.


  • if you want the EZPZ way make a bunch of directories for each game in your web server separately and load them in using the iframe object and point it at the url for the directories of each game

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  • eleanorjmorel thank you for reply. I want to make it a mobile app so as far as I know, iFrame (webview technique) is not accepted by appstore. Maybe google play store too.

    Is there any other solution?

    I just want to import my other layout/scene from my web server with a button. That's all.


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