Loading issues on itch.io. How do I properly export?

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  • Hello,

    For the last 3 years I have worked on a game called "The Carnage Club". Along the way, I have released various demos for it on itch.io (https://saturnproductions.itch.io/).

    All of these demos have worked despite the game growing larger and larger. It is around 209 MB if I don't deduplicate images and recompress. I found that uploading a straight HTML file didn't work with itch.io for some reason, but exporting the project for the Scirra Arcade and importing the .zip into itch.io worked.

    As I am finished with "The Carnage Club", I tried to upload it to itch.io in the same manner, however, errors occur. The Construct 3 loader loads to completion, and the screen goes black. The game doesn't load any further. I have tried to reduce the file size by deduplicating and recompressing, but no further loading occurs past the Construct 3 loader going to completion. Using the inspect element tool, I found that around 1200ish errors occur while the game loads. Even the reduced file size has many errors, although not nearly as many (400ish). This doesn't happen on any of my older demos for the game. Many of these errors are "Fail to fetch c3 runtime" or "Fail to load resource".

    Has anyone encountered something similar or have any advice? I've tried using Construct's normal HTML export option with no success as well.

    Thanks so much,


  • Have you tried exporting a small project to HTML and uploading it to itch?

    I have not had any problems with HTML uploads before.

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  • I found an older version of the game and found it still works to download a Scirra Arcade version of the game and use that in itch.io. The project loads and plays properly, and the audio even works. I could try to export that older version using the HTML option though. Do you think it could potentially reveal anything worthwhile?

  • Standard troubleshooting would be to take a small simple project, for instance a blank screen with a spinning square, and use the HTML export method. Then upload that to ITCH.io.

    If it works then you can start working upwards from there. If it doesn't then it is most likely you are uploading it incorrectly.

    The other outcomes are that itch or construct have issues however, it's highly unlikely.

  • Do not upload a Scirra Arcade export to itch.io, it will inevitably result in issues. I've uploaded 10+ C2 & C3 games to itch.io and have never had an issue unless there was a bug in one of the plugins.

    Export your project as regular HTML.

    Make sure you have your itch.io project setup properly:

    if it still doesn't work there is one potential issue that caught me off guard recently. The latest stable of C3 removed support for the legacy javascript module loading or whatever. So if you have any 3rd party plugins you will have to make sure they support the new javascript modules or else they just won't work. I would check each 3rd party plugin and see if there are new versions you can update to.

  • Thanks for all of the advice! It seems the problem is only on my end, as everyone else who has tried the game has not had issues. I assume this means it is with my network connection.

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