How do I load sprites during runtime from disk (NWjs) ?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I want the game code and game assets (i.e. all sprites used in game) to be separate, and loaded on launch from a folder on the disk.

    This is because I work in a team with a designer and it would be better for them to have the freedom to swap in and out sprites to experiment with any beta versions I send them.

    I know that there is the Load sprite from URL action which can work with NWjs, but it at best affects all the current instances of the object on the layout.

    Is there a good way or a good system to make all current and future instances of a given object use the new loaded in sprite, rather than the one assigned through the editor without having to re-read from disk every time an item/block is spawned in (as I understand that'd be performance heavy)?

    Thanks in advance!!

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