How to Load Rewarded Video from Multiple/Different Advert Unit ?

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  • Hi C3 Community..

    first of all, I apologize if this explanation sound bizzare.

    If I have more than one advert unit (same type) setup in admob,

    separate such as one advert unit for Rewarded Video adding "Gold", and another one advert unit Rewarded Video for adding "Gem"

    in game design, there is 1 layout contain 2 separate button to show [Add Gold] or [Add Gem].

    On Start of layout - create rewarded video AdverUnitGold - show false

    create rewarded video AdverUnitGem - show false

    On Tap Gesture [Add Gold] - show video advert

    On Tap Gesture [Add Gem] - show video advert

    Question :

    How to make sure it show video loaded from exact advert unit ?

    So far I assume C3 will show the last create/loaded rewardvideo,

    because everytime create and load rewardvideo will replace the previous loaded one ?

    or am I missunderstanding C3 concept ?


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  • Hi pilpgam,

    I think it's very easy to work with some extra instance variables.

    You just can give the two buttons (Gold & Gem) a instance variable named "show ad" or something ... Set the initial value to 0.

    If click on one of this buttons you just set the "show ad" variable to 1.

    Now if the video ad is complete the "on video complete" event will be triggered. In this event you need to put in: "Button Gold -> show ad = 1"

    At the end you need to set "show ad" to the initial 0 again.

    Can't explain it very well, but here you have 2 screenshots:

  • Hi Sanchopi

    Thanks for the reply and suggest.

    I undestand the concept you explain about extra instances variable.

    But what I am trying to achieve a bit different.

    It contain 2 AdsUnit which need to load at the moment.

    this is just an example :

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