How do I load my project file in Construct 3?

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  • I know it seems a silly question to be asking but., I have saved my files, multiple files of projects and not one of them will load for me so I can continue my projects. I really hate redoing my projects after I've spent all that time working them so if anyone could help me you would be a tremendous help!

  • Are you trying to load a Construct 2 file into Construct 3? If so, you need to save the project as a single file, not as a project, in Construct 2. There is an option in the save menu for this.

    Also, if you have any plugins, they can cause problems.

    If this isn't the issue, we are going to need more information to help you.

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  • No I'm trying to load a construct 3 file into construct 3. I've saved the project in my files under the name of the game I'm making. But every time I go to reload it through my files, it disappears, as if it was never there and I'm making sure that I confirm the save. And when I do manage to get it to pull up it won't load the file.

  • I'm so mad at myself right now. I fixed it, but I still have to redo my project but I've got it to where that will never happen again Haha.

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