How do I load a new Tileset into a Tilemap using AJAX?

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  • So, total noob question here... I need to be able to load a new image for my Tilemap object on the fly.

    My current approach ( which is not working is ):

    - Request URL

    - tag "loadNewTileset"

    - url "myNewTileset.png" ( which is already in my project under "Files" )

    - On "loadNewTileset" completed ( this never happens )

    - Tilemap - load image from "AJAX.lastData"

    I need the file as a URL because that seems to be the only way the Tilemap can load a new image... So unless I'm missing something, I'm totally stumped... the On Completed trigger never fires... This is intended to be an offline desktop/console game, so the game will never connect to an external server of any kind, meaning that no project files will ever be stored anywhere but on the user's device locally. Thoughts?

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  • it is simply Tilemap - load image , URL "myNewTileset.png"

  • Yup, you're right, it was simple lol ugh... Thanks!!

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