Any way to load all images/sprites into memory?

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  • Is there any way to load all images in memory without any memory clear on layout change?

    I'm changing the screen from "game layout" to "load layout" and back again to "game layout".

    But the "load layout" has no sprites and "game layout" has a lot of sprites. Now, Construct 3 remove all the unused sprites on this layout from memory and load it again on startup from the "game layout".

    Is not very fast for my app.

    Yes, i know, i can put all graphics on the "load layout", but i don't know it's a bug or not, the loading-time (from load layout to game layout) is the same?!

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  • There are actions to allow you to load all the objects for the game layout while in a different layout, but the question is why are you going from the game layout to an empty layout and back to the game layout? Can't you just use a layer to show whatever it is you are showing, I guess a loading screen? Sounds like you are just creating your own problems..

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