How do I get load image from URL to do anything?

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  • I want to specifically make it load an image from a file on the computer for a tilemap, but I've put in 3 different actual URLs to images online trying to test it out as the action is literally named to work, such as "", and nothing happens. I've heard it can be used to load files on the computer as well, but that's not going to happen if I can't even get it to load uploaded images.

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  • lol I just tried in the Chrome app version of C3 to put in "" to an image on this website that Construct 3 is built into and that doesn't even work. I'm only able to get it to do anything if I import an image into the project files folder and just put its name in, but given the default URI entry starts with "http://" I assume you're supposed to be able to actually use it like it isn't working at all for me no matter what I've tried.

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