How do I Load Image from File?

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  • Hello,

    I've been using this for about a month now, and I am unable to load images that I have imported from a file. I recreated the issue on this most basic of projects:

    I understand that I should be able to use the sprite event "load the image from url" by simply typing in the image's name in quotes - however this doesn't work.

    Documentation says to wait for the "on image url loaded" to trigger - however I don't know what that is, where to find it, or how to make it happen (if I need to do anything to make it happen). Most examples I've seen just have the sprite "load image from url" without bothering about this. I've also tried just inserting a "wait 0.5 seconds" event after loading the screen, but none of this works.

    Any clarification on what I need to do would be GREATLY appreciated.


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  • So I think it is capital letters....If I try to load the file with only lowercase letters it works!

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