How do I load dictionary when I leave layout and return ?

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  • Hi guys,

    I've got my dictionary to work just fine. However, when I exit the layout and return to the layout all the values and keys within the dictionary have disappeared/reset.

    What am I missing? I figured that the dictionary was like a global variable that remained consistent when switching layouts etc.

    How do I get dictionary values to remain when going from layout to layout???


  • Check if you Dictionary is set as Global on the properties bar.

    If you don't want to reload it again from the file when you return to the same layout, add "Progress is not empty" condition to event #2

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  • Thanks mate.

    I just checked, it was set to global but as you suggested it works to add a global variable to prevent ajax from reloading the dictionary file everytime I reloaded the layout. The Dictionary condition check is empty/not empty didn't work for some reason but yeah, the global variable did so all is well!


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