How do I load animation strips and create animations via JavaScript?

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  • I have many hundreds of 'skins' for my main character available online. Each skin is a 4x1 sprite sheet with animations (walk, jump, idle, fall) that are combined from various frames. I can create the animations in the Animation Editor GUI with no problem by opening one of the files as a 4x1 animation strop, but I don't know how I would go about swapping the sprite sheet in-game without first importing hundreds of animation strips and manually re-creating all the same animations in the GUI.

    I've been through the documentation, and can't find any reference to how or where animations or images are created and stored for the Sprite class. When running the debugger, I can see the normal properties of the ISpriteInstance, like animationFrame, animationName, etc... but nothing that references where the actual images for the animations are pulled from.

    I've also tried the 'load from URL' action on the 'sprite created' event to swap out an image, but it didn't work, and I don't know how it would given that the images I have available online are 4x1 sprite sheets (with 20x20 pixel frames).

    Is what I want to do possible?

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  • I'm pretty certain it isn't possible

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