List box how do I make text multiple colors please help!

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  • I'm trying to use the list box and I cant seem to figure out how to make it so say you have 3 items I want item 1 text to be blue item 2 to be green and item 3 to be white I can change all of the texts color by set "color" "red" if you have ever played runescape the quests appear white and once completed appear green this is what I'm trying to achieve I hope this helps! Thank you so much any help is apreciated!

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  • Depends how you are setting the items but the basics is set selection to index 0 and set color "blue" etc...

  • PiNkIe Okay so that sets all items in the list to the color blue what I had in mind was this when I start a quest I want the text to change from black to white so the player knows they started it I cant have all of them turn the same color just that single item on the list should change colors so item 1 could be white item 2 could be green simultaneously. I hope this helps thank you!

    Ps. I would imagine it's just set css style under actions I just dont know what to put in box 1 and 2 also I'm using variables to check quest status.

  • I seem to remember I tried this ages ago and couldn't find a way to do it, to apply separate colours while the list box is in selection. You could always create your own, probably better if it's for a game to not use a restricted css object.

  • Darn I had a feeling that there was no way to do it thank you for your help I appreciate it.

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