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  • To keep it simple... i'm trying to set up physics for a pinball game. I have a left and right paddle with the physics behavior. On the start of the layout I create a limited revolute joint for each. The left and right keys on the keyboard apply an angular velocity to the paddles. When the left and right keys are not pressed, a negative angular velocity is applied to the paddles for a snappy return. The problem I'm having is that When the balls fall and collide with the paddle - the paddle jumps/twitches on both its position and angle as if it were connected to a tight spring or something. How can I keep the paddles solid/rigid/stable?

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  • There is a Pinball template in the beta version of C3, have you seen it?

    Although it uses a different method for paddles/flippers.

    You can try "Set stepping iterations" action with different values, it may help to increase joints strength.

    Or you can set paddles immovable when they are in the lowered position.

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