Is there a limit on the file size that can be loaded with AJAX?

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  • Hi

    I got an issue. I'm using Ajax to load .json files into dictionaries.

    In my project there are 90 files.

    My problem is that 9 of them won't load. It does not throw any error message or anything and the "on tag completed" is triggered but nothing is loaded into my dictionaries.

    I've tried everything but I think the problem is their sizes. It works fine on the computer and trough remote preview though.

    The files that won't load are 297-762 kbs large. Files smaller than that are loaded into my dictionaries w/o any problems.

    When I delete data from the files they are loaded so the problem is clearly their size.

    What could be a fix for this?

    Should I split all data into several smaller files or is there any other way?

    Is this a hardware limitation?

    How can I ensure my files are loaded on all devices?

    If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it!


    I'm using the C3 runtime and trying on an android device.

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