How do I Limit Clicks to 5 then launch timer then reenable clicks after 60 secs

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  • Hello

    Please I would like to know how would you achieve this. There are 2 parts and i've managed to solve the part 1

    Part 1

    I have a clickable text. When this text is clicked 5 times, it disappears and becomes unclickable, it will reappear after 60 sec and is clickable again and so on. Please see the sheet below.

    Part 2

    As a protection, I would like to keep the timer even if the user closes the app. So when he starts the app again the remaining seconds stay. For example, he closed the app with 30 sec remaining out of the 60 before the click available again. When he restarts the app the timer starts at 30 sec before enabling the clickable text.

    Best regards

    Part 1 sheets

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  • Don't use "Wait" for such huge delays! You have no control over it, you can't pause the game, you can't cancel the delayed actions, you can't check how much time is left..

    Use Timer behavior. Start a Timer for 60 seconds. While the Timer is running, ignore clicks. On Timer event re-enable the group and set the text visible.

    You can save the remaining time into Local Storage every 1 second or so (don't do it too often!). When the game is restarted, check if the timer value exists in local storage, and if it it does - start the timer for the remaining time.

  • Sorry for late answer, yes thank you it solved the issue.

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