Is this lighting effect possible?

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  • I'm curious how to achieve this type of effect.


  • It is possible, but you generally wouldn't be using the techniques described on that page, since you're not manipulating and drawing pixels directly in construct. You would use a combination of effects and blend modes instead. The line of sight behavior can also help to mask vision/light.

    If you wanted to follow along with the methods described in the link, you could use a tilemap and have each tile represent a pixel, and map your pallette colors to tile indexes. This would be a pretty roundabout and difficult way to go about it though.

  • Ahh! That's brilliant. I'm just having trouble getting the line of sight to detect which index the tileset is on.

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  • Ahh! That's brilliant. I'm just having trouble getting the line of sight to detect which index the tileset is on.

    You could always do it with just tiles or sprites, you would have about 3 layers of the map, one for the darkest tiles, one for the mid-light ones, and a third for the ones that are completely in the light, and then have multiple circles that are different sizes from each other and with the blend modes have them reveal each layer of the tilemap.

    I have been meaning to try this method for a while now but haven't got around to do it, if you try it and it works please do tell!

    Good luck.

  • This video might be worth checking out:

    I do not recommend following the entire tutorial series, as the author unfortunately makes a lot of changes between videos, so it takes a lot of time to see the changes from video to video, and pick apart the event sheets by pausing the videos multiple times.

    Anyways... That video I linked to. Shows a pretty simple way to create lighting effects using like Wisdoms said, sprites and layers. Basically a dark overlay sprite on a layer, then another sprite pinned to the player character, or in this case torches to create the lighting effect. Adding a second frame to the lighting sprite and increasing/decreasing the size creates a flickering effect. Or just a single frame in the light sprite, you could have a solid circle of light around wherever you place that sprite.

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