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  • Hello everyone! Need your advice about how can I make life simulator game and is it even possible and rational to do it on Construct? I tried Renpy and TyrannoBuilder but I found them hard to use because they require some skills in coding anyway.

    The game I plan to make, if we are talking about the structure, is like one image with some bars located on it, click on one of these bars and you are moved to another image. For example, firstly the player is in his house => click on the bar with the text 'Go outside' and you are now watching the picture of the town where you can decide which place to visit; any of your actions inside this places takes some time; and other specific features of this genre.

    Maybe there are some tutorials already (I haven't found anything yet) or demos with such or similar system?

    Thank you!

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  • So it is a point and click adventure or something? It's simple to make, I would check out the manual and start learning Construct basics.

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