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  • Im trying to have my level select screen navigable by controller. Ive been trying different things and so far not much is working properly. Now im onto using the dictionary not sure if im even doing it right? Should i use an array or just global variables? This should be so simple its driving me crazy.

    Trying to have the hand snap onto each level select when i press the right arrow up top(to simulate controller)The hand will snap to a box successfully but wont advance to the next box.

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  • You can do it with 2 global variables for up and down movement that start at 0

    Then you number the locks across with matching var1 and var 2 instance variables as if it was a grid, so top left is 0,0. The second one across the top row would be 0,1 etc.

    Then you have logic, on right pressed, add 1 to var1. On left pressed, subtract 1 from var1. On down pressed add 1 to var2, on up pressed add 1 to var2.

    Then you need the final bit of logic set hand position to lock where lock.var1=var1 AND lock.var2=var2

  • Okay so I just want it to cycle through the rows as a start so I can get it working. This is what I did.

    I couldn't figure out how to use lock.var not sure where to find it.


    Level select is my instance variable from 1-5

    Everything seems to work except it wont advance from box 1 to 2 etc. It snaps to the first box so that part works.

    Okay I messed up i wasn't using the right sprite...for my snap to box command. This worked thanks!!

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