How do I make ( level lock and unlock ) ?

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  • Hello everyone

    i'm looking for simple tutorial to make level lock and unlock for my game.

    i watched many totrial but none of them explain the progress clearly :(

    also i want to save the unlock and progress using ( local storage )

    i'm beginner So I don't want anything complicated.

    please help

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  • Hi, there's multiple methods, one I use is the dictionary method, I create a key for each level and set the content to 0 if locked, and 1 if unlocked, you can change the key of the next level when the current level is completed for example; on the level select menu, on start of layout, check the content of each key, and enable the buttons that corresponds to each level; you can later save the dictionary as json with local storage, there's already tutorials covering this;

    Edit : if I have time today I'll make an example file, also I don't believe there is a "simple" way for that specific feature, but that's a good way to learn more stuff

  • Thank you very much

    i will try to do this

    I wish that there will be tutorial for this purpose .. Because I searched a lot and didn't find anything useful

  • Hello.

    There is a dedicated example in the start page of construct about level selection, locking/unlocking :

    Also, since you already have a topic on the subject, please don't open other topics on the same subject.

    One topic is enough, and keep your discussion to a single thread on a subject.

  • Thank you very much for your help ... I will delete the other topic

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