Leaving Rooms in Multiplayer

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  • Hello again,

    I have been building a *simple* multiplayer game where you and some of your friends defend against endless waves of enemies. I am very close, however I need some help.

    First is the issue with the wave system. For some reason, some waves work while others do not. It seems like waves 6-16 do not work, while the others do. I have not idea why this is.

    Second is the issue with leaving. If you leave the room (even if you are kicked or something), then if you join the same or another room it will not connect right. When it is working I will also add a way to leave manually (e.g. the escape button/ back button/ menu button). The function is in event 193.

    Link: dropbox.com/s/honbmozhrog1fb1/Wardens%20%288%29.c3p

    Thanks in advance,

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