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  • Hi everyone,

    Do someone know how to create a leaderboard (googleplay) and cocoon.io from A to Z?

    I've tried all I could and nothing work... I read a lot of topics/tuto too and I didn't find solution.

    I have already a published game, I linked my game service in google console (is published) and I have my leaderboard ID. I can export with cocoon, I installed the plugin "Google play Games social APÏ" in cocoon and added my APP_ID "9XXXXXXXXXXX" in the parameters. In construct 3, I add my Application ID (android): "9XXXXXXXXXXX" and not my client ID (not necessary).

    I'm supposed to sign in at the start of the layout or by touching a sprite but nothing happened (really nothing) when I test it (I signed my apk and imported it in google console, the test are on my phone or NoxPlayer)

    But in C3 preview, I see that something is happening (tries to connect I supposed) but it's normal it doesn't go further if I understand.

    -Is there an issue with googleplay in construct ?

    -Did I miss something?

    -Is there another plugin for that ? For example, I used UtlimateAds because mobileAdvert caused black screen with my game..

    Thanks for your help !

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  • I've had this same issue every time I try to insert leaderboards. It tries to log in, but then does nothing. However, when publishing my game, while making sure my leaderboards are published too, it seems to load fine.

    Getting my actions to submit the score is another issue i'm dealing with.

  • Same issue here...

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