How do I Layouts!?

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  • In game I enter a new layout when I go into shop.

    When I leave shop I go back to my initial layout.

    Is there a way to run this so that when I go into my shop layout, it puts my initial layout to the side (pauses or something). This way when I come back it is not running on start of layout events again but instead where ever I left off.

    Or maybe I should not be using layouts for this scenario?

  • Depending on how complex the shop is, you could have a layer (not layout) that is invisible and make it visible when you want to open the shop. It acts as a menu and this would all be in the same layout.

  • That is what I have been doing with other things. I am up to 4 layers now, so I wanted to A: make my game less cluttered on the development side B: learn layouts

    At this point I save the game as I enter shot and then load the game as I leave shop. But this means when I spend in shop its erased by the load xD ... so I am tinkering with that right now

  • What kind of stuff are you trying to 'save' in the layout when you leave it?

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  • The problem was that it would run on start of layout going back to the previous layout. I simply restricted where you could get access to the store.. Thank you for trying to help me out! :)

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