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  • I have an ios app built from phonegap. The game loads no problem and you can switch between 4 layouts no problem, but when I click on the button that actually takes me to the main game it stays on the original layout and also loads sprites and objects from the layout it was supposed to transition to. Like its stuck between both layouts. The game works as intended on pc and on an android app (also phonegap). Any thoughts on what could fix this issue? Thank you.

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  • Bump.

  • Second bump...really at a loss....I rebuilt the game and instead of having all of the original layouts like normal I changed it to load the problem layout first. It opens up and is just a black screen like it is not loading anything at all...Really hope someone has even an idea to point me in the right direction. The layout works fine on literally every other device or preview tool....just not on my iPhone.

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