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  • How do I make a big layout and split it into several scenes with one camera? as in the example below

  • There is no camera, there are only layouts.

    Are you trying to show a bunch of layouts running all at once?

    If so then that's not possible.

    You can fake it with some sort of separators in a grid.

    Now if you want some sort of room to room scroll that's a bit different, you would clamp the scroll. There are examples in the tutorial section.

  • I have some layouts, and they do some things, I need everyone to keep doing their actions even though they're not on them..

    so if it was all just 1 layout..

    but me changing the position that the player fills the layout...

    would work...

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  • The cpu only processes the current layout.

    You can use something like the persist behavior to continue an objects state to another.

    Or use the Global setting.

  • ok but if it's all in the same layout, but I'm only seeing a part of it? wouldn't it work?

    I already use persist to keep the objects as they are, but in addition to keeping these objects, it needs to continue executing its function in the score, and production of assets so to speak

  • You're asking how to do parts that rely on other parts that you aren't describing.

    Describe the game, not the part you don't know how to do.

  • My farm game is divided into several layouts, from farm areas, plantation, animals, etc.

    I need them to continue executing their functions, even though they are not in this layout.

    If that's not possible, I'll do everything in the same layout, changing the view's position.

    I've even discovered how, actually quite simple, defining an invisible object with scroll to, and setting its position to specific coordinates, behind a menu of buttons

  • Changing the layouts isn't an issue, you just need to figure out how the persist behavior works, and use global variables, or one of the data type plugs set to be global for your functions.

    An event sheet include is helpful for events you want to continue in multiple layouts.

  • The use of persist keeps the object, that is, I don't lose it between layouts, because your animations and activities related to it, are "paused" when I change layout.

    All my layouts are only linked by 1 eventsheet.

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