Launching Html 5 game on IE?

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  • I have made a game which will be hosted online and it is launching and functioning properly on Chrome,Edge and Firefox but not IE.

    It is sometimes just not loading, other times saying it is failing to images and other times giving an unspecified error to do with "GLWrap.js, line 2138 (col 4)".

    Sometimes it also just creates a dialogue box but doesn't actually load any error message but refuses to progress.

    Is there any reason Construct 2 games can not work with Internet Explorer that i may be missing?

    I have removed all WebGL effects but that doesn't seem to have done anything.

    Tl;Dr Are there any basic over arching issues which prevent construct games running on IE or are there any specific things (file formats etc.) that are only incompatible with IE?

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  • It should work fine. It's hard to help without seeing a project demonstrating the issue, or a full bug report.

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