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  • Hi,

    It´s possible to open the game in a predifined hour choosed by the player, after he exit the game? My idea is to have an alarm clock where the player choose the time to automatically launch the app, is this possible in Construct 3? There are some plugin or anything else to do it?


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  • I think only notifications are possible, but not auto-launching an app/game based on a predetermined trigger.

    Perhaps a toast notification in Android as a reminder of some sort, but without a tie-in to something like IFTT or another app to automate the handling of the trigger and taking the appropriate response/action, I don't think it's possible for virtually any app/game. Hence why notifications for some apps/games come up when tasks are completed (or w/e timer based thing has completed).

  • Thanks pwrtoppl,

    Can we add video or sound in toast notification? And buttons with actions like launch the game?

    If I can´t launch automatically the game in a predifined time by the player it´s possible to show a message /window/notification that display a picture/sound or video, and a button to launch the game?

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