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  • HI.

    How can I use multiple languages?

    Example: If I have a voice within the game that says one Word for example "Dog", how can I make that to be automaticaly translated to multiple languages depending on which country the game is downloaded in?

    is this even possible?

    please some help.

    Thanks in advance

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  • You can use Browser.Language expression.

  • Is the Browser plugin a translator?

    How can i use it?

  • No, browser will not translate anything.

    You can use it to detect user's preferred language, but you will need to provide translations for all text or voice messages yourself.

    Browser.Language="en_GB" -> Audio play "Hello"
    Browser.Language="en_US" -> Audio play "Howdy"
    Browser.Language="en_AU" -> Audio play "Gday"
    Browser.Language="fr_FR" -> Audio play "Bonjour"
  • I see. I Think i got it.

    I'll try to get it to work!

    thanks a lot! :)

  • naaa, it's to complicated! i can't even find how to detect user's preferred language.

    Is there another way?

  • Browser.Language is too complicated??

    Yes, there is another way - create separate apps for each language.

  • Yeah it's a Little complicated for me.

    I don't know where to start and what to do exactly.

    ok, Nevermind.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Add Browser object to your project.

    Add event "System - Compare two values", first value is Browser.Language, second value is language+country code, for example "en_GB"

    Or if you only need the language code (without the country code) you can put first value as left(Browser.Language, 2), second value "en"

  • You propably have more important things to do, but just a last question, I really want thins to work.

    How do I manage now to get a voice to say "dog" in multiple languages, I've got to record all the voice manually of course, but how do i conect the country code with a specific language/Voice?

    And correct me if I'm wrong, the Browser.Language is to detect which country/language the mobile is registrated in?

    Have I got that right?

  • Browser.Language is the user's preferred language. For example, you can live in France, but you don't speak French and you set your preferred language to English in browser or mobile settings. So this expression will return "en".


    Yes, you need to record "dog" in different languages and import all these recordings to your project. And use this code:

    System compare two values left(Browser.Language, 2)="en" -> Audio play "dog_en"
    System compare two values left(Browser.Language, 2)="fr" -> Audio play "dog_fr"
    System compare two values left(Browser.Language, 2)="ru" -> Audio play "dog_ru"
  • ooo okay! I think I got it!

    I'll record some stuff and I'll try it out.

    Great!!! :)

    you've been so helpful!

    Thank you so much!


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