Lag compensator for football game in real time WebRTC

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  • Hi, I'm Junnior.

    I am developing a multiplayer soccer game where each player moves their player in the match. When touching the ball, the ball starts to be in front of the player who has it dominated. I feel that the game itself, the mechanics, are perfect (or almost), however, the game does not have an efficient lag compensator, that's where the problem comes in.

    Due to the delay of the host to deliver the information and receive, the player who is the ball can see himself away from his opponent, but suddenly he disarms him and takes the ball. The reason? For the host, the player was a few steps behind and, therefore, the opponent managed to steal the ball because, in the view of the host, he managed to reach the ball.

    I've seen many tutorials in the construct about realtime lag compensator, however, none of them were very efficient with the football I created. I do not accept responses saying that WebRTC is not the best way to create because, haxball runs its multiplayer with this same API and is very functional.

    I await answers, I hope you can give me ideas to improve this lag in my game.

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