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  • Kyatric,

    Thank you very much for your excellent tutorials which are a true help when learning something new in Construct 2 or 3.

    On this moment I am watching your tutorial "Small Tactics game" created for Construct 2 but I am using Construct 3. Your explanations are very clear, easy to follow. I do not know why so many people add background music, but the lack of any background noise (music)I do appreciate.

    If I can give you one advice or suggestion to make your tutorials even better (if that is still possible), take a little more time when you showing on screen. In some cases it is hard to follow what you are doing on screen. That is in my humble opinion, the only part you need to pay attention to. Remember that your student is learning and therefore needs a more time. In several sections, especially in part 3 in the function "CheckMove" I had to go back several times before finding out where to click and what to choose.

    If you want to give me a rating for your Small Tactics tutorial, I will give a 4,5 star out of 5. You loose half of a star because the reason mentioned above.

    Excellent work, keep up the good work. I really do appreciate your efforts in sharing your knowledge.

    Thank you very much.


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  • I gave up on this tutorial because the screen actions are way too fast and because of that I am wasting too much time figuring out, scrolling back.

    I hope you take this suggestion serious because I am wondering how many of your students actually finish the Small Tactics game.

    The speed is fine as long as not trying to actually build it. However once you start building it, its a nightmare. Nevertheless I keep watching it to the end, I am sure it will give me a very good idea how to create my own boardgame.

    Don't get me wrong, as told in my former post, it is a 4,5 star rating.

    I am now following a Udemy course to teach me how to create a board game. Regretfully there is not a single course who covers creation of a board game like yours do.

    Thank you.


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