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  • I have exported the Multiplayer Chat Example to

    When I join as the host, then from the same PC, join the same room as a peer it all seems to work fine. I can send messages from host to peer and back.

    But, when I join the same room as a peer using a different PC on a different router and ip address the new peer gets kicked after a few seconds.

    Am I right in thinking that this should work OK? Do I need to set up something somewhere?

    Thanks, Jim


  • It should work fine as it is. However, while stun servers (default, included ice server) are normally pretty good at making connections through various network configurations, there are exceptions.

    If you add your own turn server (not included by default) by using the add ice server multiplayer action, it should more or less garuntee connectivity in all cases.

    Note that due to live bandwidth utilization, turn servers are not usually free. I believe there are free ones available with certain usage limitations though.

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  • Thank you, Oosyrag.

    I shall investigate Turn Servers.

  • I have now noticed that if I try this across two PCs connected to the same router the peer always gets kicked. It only works using two browsers on the same PC.

  • I have added a TURN SERVER to the multiplayer object and now everything works just fine!

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