Kicked (either could not connect to host or host quit) problem

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  • Hi everyone,

    a serious problem occurred to me now that I've finished a multiplayer game. Played in a local network the game works well.

    It is now on a remote server and the players are in different places with different connections; when the first player connects everything is ok. Correct connection as host and excellent stability no disconnection from the room even after a long time even if you do not play.

    The problem occurs when peers enter; the player enters the room but afterwards when a second Kicked event appears in the chat messages. With the motivation that he can't connect to the host. Which could be the motivation.

    Do peers fail to connect because the various routers prevent the entry of replies? Or: does the game have runtime version 2 and version 2 has problems with multiplaier?

    Tell me if you have a solution or an idea

    Thank you


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