make a keypress event work for multiple keys

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  • hey everybody,

    My description is kind of vague, but I will try to explain.

    I have a local-multiplayer game where all characters are controlled via different controls. These controls are stored in their instance variables.

    I have movement and such all worked out, and they function by checking whether a button is currently pressed down. However, the "on button pressed" event which I want to use for attacks functions differently (as expected).

    The issue is that I have multiple characters ("Body" in this case) that all have their own attackKey. When I create an event that listens for an "Body.attackKey" to be pressed, it chooses a random Body and listens only for that specific keypress and only attacks with that specific Body.

    In my movement script I solve this by encapsulating everything in a "For each Body" loop, so that all the references to "Body" reference the same instance. This does not work in this issue because it is a triggered event so it does not work in a loop.

    So to be clear, I want to be using "on key pressed" because I don't want the player to be able to hold the key down to attack automatically.

    I am not really sure how to solve this issue in a non-convoluted way, so I would appreciate any help.

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  • You can use "On any key pressed" event, and inside it grab the key code (Keyboard.LastKeyCode) and look up which player it's associated with.

  • Oh wow, of course that is the solution. What an oversight on my part, turns out working after midnight is not the best for my brain.

    Thanks a lot!

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