How do I keep my UI steady on a scrolling background?

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  • I'm scrolling my screen around using the scrollto behaviour on an invisible sprite. Everything works fine except for my UI which wobbles around slightly as I move (shifts a pixel left or right, up or down as I move, then centres correctly as I stop).

    I've tried removing the scrollto and using the system scroll to object instead but the same happens. I've tried anchoring my UI or placing it directly each frame with (e.g X = viewportleft("Layer 0") etc), but happens both ways.

    I've tried making sure the values are set to integer values, thinking maybe it was the fractions of movement that were causing it, but still the same.

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  • As always, I found the solution straight after posting :(

    I put my invisible scroll-to object on the same layer as the UI and set the parallax for that layer to 0%, 0%. Not sure which of those two fixed it, or if it was both, but it's steady as a rock now :)

    I guess, in case anybody faces the same problem the issue was the parallax on the UI layer. It didn't matter which layer the camera was on, but the UI layer needs to have no parallax (obviously now that I've worked it out).

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