How do I keep the phone always listening?

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    I'm working on a game that starts when you speak to your phone, but the phone has to be asleep.

    You speak to your phone, the phone wakes up, gives you a command and you do it. My kids love this idea and I have everything - Except I don't know how to wake up the phone.

    You know how 'Hello Google' or 'Hey Google' wakes up your phone when it's asleep? The phone is always listening for that. I need that. There will be a wake up word the phone is always listening for and since the phone is always listening for 'Hey Google', it can't use much more battery life.

    How do I wake up the phone?


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  • I don't think it's possible with Construct.

    In the latest beta you can prevent your phone from going to sleep, but there is no way to wake it up.

  • dop2000,

    Thank you for the information.

    Nice to hear they are adding a 'don't sleep' feature (after I found a very creative way around it)

    Blah!! Wonder if there is anyway to add 'wake up phone' to their 'To Do' list. That would be an awesome feature.

    Thanks again.

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