How can I keep menu icons at place and still layout zoom?

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  • Hey, how can I have steady icons on screen at the top layout (0,0 parallax) and still scale the whole layout for zooming in effects and not "lose" those menu icons?

    Every time the layout scale zooms in the icons move and then are gone (out of view)... I tried not scaling an specific layer but since the whole layout scales, cannot avoid it...

    Any help please?


  • Hey there, you need to set the layer scaling at 0 as well

  • Hey Tomycase I dont get it, the original scale is 1 (to keep the original size, 0.5 is half, and 0 would be like nothing?) and thats what I want to keep (original 1 size)... and keep it at the same place

    Let me try to explain how I am zooming and see if it makes more sense:

    I have a global number called SCALE = 1

    at every tick: lerp(LayoutScale,Scale,0.025)

    when touch input is recognized (screen touch): every tick set scale to 1.5

    else (no touch) : every tick set scale back to 1

    this gives a smooth zooming in and out, but the menu icons that should be static keep moving out of screen...

    so I tried to add every tick set LAYER 11 scale to 1 (and even 0) and it doesnt work, as the whole layout is scaling...

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  • The same way you set parallax to 0 in the layer properties, there is a scaling parameter, set it to 0

  • Oh man, awesome, so simple and effective

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