How do I keep the 3D objects from leaving?

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    I figured out how to make the 3D objects move around, but I have 3D objects on a catwalk above my main gameboard. It's not a circle, but it is all connected.

    How do I keep them moving around the catwalk without them going rogue and walking off the catwalk and keep walking in the air off into the sunset?

    The 3D objects are guards so they need to stay on the catwalk.

    Anyone know of a good example/demo?

    Thank you.

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  • I understand you have a gameboard and need the actors to stay on their paths?

    If this is the case, I would use a graph structure where the guards move along edges between nodes in the graph. You could roll your own plugin to store a graph tree, use the editor, or build up waypoints using plopped gameobjects and use the "moveto" behavior.

    If you have other behaviors or custom movement already controlling the guards, then simply use some game objects for the catwalk itself or the boundaries. You can text for collisions (overlaps) and then provide logice for the guards to go a different direction.

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