How do I use KaTex from a CDN in my project?

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  • I want to create math equations with Katex in my project. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

    KaTex with the CDN link->

    I have read this forum post (and many others) ->

    I have addons CSS and HTML Element both by Strani Anelli el3um4s

    Here is main.js that is in Scripts folder.

    // Import any other script files here, e.g.:
    // import * as myModule from "./mymodule.js";
    runOnStartup(async runtime =>
    	// Code to run on the loading screen.
    	// Note layouts, objects etc. are not yet available.
    	runtime.addEventListener("beforeprojectstart", () => OnBeforeProjectStart(runtime));
    	runtime.addEventListener("beforeprojectstart", () => LoadExternalScript(runtime));
    async function LoadExternalScript(runtime)
    	await runtime.assets.loadScripts("");
    async function OnBeforeProjectStart(runtime)
    	// Code to run just before 'On start of layout' on
    	// the first layout. Loading has finished and initial
    	// instances are created and available to use here.
    	runtime.addEventListener("tick", () => Tick(runtime));
    function Tick(runtime)
    	// Code to run every tick


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  • I've been randomly trying different things and I somewhat got this to work.

    First off, I went to MathJax and LaTex instead of KaTex. I also used the example code for that C3 LaTeX thread.

    main.js is standard except for this line

    import * as MathJax from "./load-mathjax.js";

    I can get LaTex to render right the first time I provide the CDN link. It won't work after that unless I change the CND link again. Is there some kind of a Cashe or some other one time only run setting?


    window.MathJax = {
     tex: {
     inlineMath: [['$', '$'], ['\\(', '\\)']]
     svg: {
     fontCache: 'global'
    (function () {
     var script = document.createElement('script');
     script.src = '';
     script.async = true;
    // script.src = '';
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