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  • Hi all!

    I want to build a multiplayer trivia game, Kahoot style.

    Before I begin, there were several challenges that I could not find answeres for yet.

    1. I need two different apps to communicate. App 1- the useres insert their questions and answeres and upload it to a server as JSON for later usage. The other, the game itself, showes the available questuneers and the desired one as JSON.

    2. The app should not preload the whole assets. Only the host (the computer with the projector) should upload the real game, and the other peers (mobile devices) should upload the answer buttons only.

    I know that there are rather comlicated, but I feel ready for it. If there are not immidiate solutions but you know a learning path that should help I am more then willing to start learning.

    On the other hand, if Construct 3 is unable to deal with it, I will also appreciate your response so I could save time and learn something else.



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