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  • Hello fellas!

    I have an assignment to make a constructor2 game. I had an idea of a like scary puzzle game. I was planning some kind of maze with only visible field of view and everything else is black and there would be some monsters coming for you, and then i came up with an idea of jump scares. i was wondering if those are possible to do and if they are, how ? i made only couple tutorials so every help and tips are welcome!

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  • Hey Juust! Dude, that sounds like an awesome horror game idea! Ok, I'm not the most experienced at this but I can try to offer what I would do?

    Alright, so I would add a condition to the monster to check if it's collided with the player. Then add a sound effect and maybe a scary image as an action to make the jumpscare effect.

    This does seem a bit like a noob solution to this, so I think it would be a good idea to try to get a second opinion.

    Thanks! And good luck!

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