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  • I can't give the jump command because it's not a platformer. I need something to make the hero jump. Anyone have an example?



  • something like this? strawberrypunch.com

    add an X, Y and Z variable, have a shadow at Z = 0

    set Y to ZpositionVariables + YpositionVariable

    set X to XpositionVariable



    Edit: I found this older post of mine that described how to twist the X and Y axis 45 degrees clockwise:

  • "add a a X, Y and Z variable, have a shadow at Z = 0"

    thanks but where to add them? To player, to system or where?

  • basically, you control your character with variables instead of directly changing it's X and Y with events

    and then use the variable with the formula i gave you to set the character's X and Y

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  • I just came across this topic and I was wondering how to set up the jump and platforms from that

  • I also have an isometric (sort of) game, maybe you can pick something useful from it.


    Download the project:


  • I just came across this topic and I was wondering how to set up the jump and platforms from that

    with great difficulty strawberrypunch.com (press M to mute the music)

    to get started you could use a tilemap for the level and consider it a heightmap, you can'T go into tiles with a higher image index multiplied by a z variable comparable to the X and Y size of the tiles, so the higher the index of the image in the tilemap, the higher the Z position characters need to be able to walk on them. clamp the character'S Z position to the tile it's walking on so it can'T go below, and add a z velocity variable to reduce your character's z position on every tick. Z velocity is z velocity - gravity or something so on every tick the gravity increases. set Z velocity to 0 if you'Re touching the ground, set z velocity to something higher than 0 if you want to jump and it will gradually get eaten by gravity. tadaa, you have a heightmap and you can jump !!! now you just need to spawn sprites for each tile in the tilemap and position thme according to their x in the grid, Y in the grid, and image index and you have a visual representation of what your characters can jump on

  • could you send a project file with this? I did not understand everything, I think that visually it would be easier

  • I think if i send you a project file it's going to be way more difficult to understand.

    it would be better if you


    made the gears in your head turn


    try and come up with something on your own

    the you have a part

    something you can build on

    and keep adding pieces

    little by little

    instead of getting bombarded by everything together

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