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  • Hi guys, how can we rotate sprites (esp. pixel art sprites) without them being jagged? Someone posted here and got his issue solved by adding transparent edges, tried it but didn't work on my end.

    Thanks in advance!

  • AFAIK Construct doesn't have "tile" style pixel rounding support, if that's what you're asking about.

    Otherwise, jagged edges in pixel art is a given? Or I'm misunderstanding something.

    This is what tile based pixel rounding looks like - youtu.be/CU4YjSZNTnY

    And this is what normally happens, like in Construct. answers.unity.com/questions/725621/best-method-for-dealing-with-rough-sprite-edges-du.html

    You'll need to decide whether you prefer point sampling (sample - nearest) or bilinear/trilinear filtering.

    Honestly in my opinion players will generally not care either way. Avoid static objects at angles to minimize the issue, and it should be difficult to discern for objects in motion unless you're specifically looking for it. The human brain does a great job of smoothing out imperfections like this, especially if the gameplay is more engaging than studying the arrangement of pixels on the screen.

  • Thanks. I do understand the logic and reason behind it, but games like Dandara where you can actually rotate your attack doesn't suffer this issue. Also, this person construct.net/en/forum/construct-2/how-do-i-18/solved-rotated-sprite-appears-133116 somehow fixed the problem but the method used doesn't work on my end.

  • I never played the game Dandara, but looking at screenshot from steam it looks like they did have this issue as well. It might just be hard to see during fast pace gameplay.

    As for the issue at hand, you could enlarge all the pixel art by x4 (as well as the viewport/layout, etc), then do the "crop" technique in the link you provided.

  • Based on the screenshot, it looks like they are using higher resolution graphics with bi/trilinear filtering (anti-aliasing).

    The trade off is that your edges won't be quite as crisp, but then you also won't have to deal with all the strange artifacts that result from pixel rounding and filtering nearest, especially with anything in motion.

    Again, generally these things are not noticed by the end users.

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  • Thanks everyone! I think I'm just overthinking it. I thought Dandara and other games I know doesn't suffer the same issue, I might've not just noticed it since they are fast and not really that noticeable.

    Again, thanks! :)

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