Issues with vertically moving platforms

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  • Hello.

    I'm working on an attack for a boss where jump through platforms move up and down and loop around the screen. I'm using the 8-directional movement for the platforms.

    Whenever the player jumps on a platform that's moving down, they go into a glitchy state where I think they are falling and standing at the same time. When the player jumps on a platform moving up, they seem to stay on it for a split second and then fall back through it (I thought that might be due to a fall though event somewhere but I looked and it's not)

    I looked at some tutorials and they seem to use the sine behavior for moving platforms. I tried that and I still have the same issues.

    How do you guys do vertically moving platforms? Is there something I'm missing?


  • All of your player animation frames are different sizes and have different collision polygons. This means when the frame changes the collision polygon does to and then you may go from being on a platform to below it etc.

    Create a single sprite that is the size of the collision polygon you want, and then add your movement behaviours etc to that.

    Then create another sprite for your character animations and pin it to the sprite you use for control and collisions.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    Would it work if I took my player sprite and made all his sprites and hitboxes the same size? I'm at the very end of this project. It'd be a lot to reconfigure the player to be pinned to a collision sprite at this point. I'll remember that for future projects though.

    Thanks again

  • Yes if the all the frames of the player sprite had the same dimensions and collision polygon it will work.

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  • Okay. Thanks!

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