Issue with Timelines when a game is loaded using slots

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  • Hello, I have created a simple lift / elevator animation. There are 3 sprites used for this; 2 chains that holds the lift platform and one lift platform on which the player will be standing. The animations are working perfectly fine in general. However, when I load my game from a slot then the timeline animation misbehave. It either animates just one of the chain and keeps the rest two static at one position and it does not move at all. How do i make sure this does not happen?

    This is a simple piece of code if anyone wants to replicate and find a solution or suggest me some workarounds.

    Event Sheet

    Layout with 3 sprites: 2 black chains and one lift platform.


    If I use 3 timelines for those 3 sprites then it works fine. Is this expected? Using multiple sprites in same timeline does not work?

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