Issue with resolution

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  • Hello,

    I make a game and would like to fit to the screen, on mobile and tablet. Here is my settings :

    • My default resolution is 16:9 (1920x1080)
    • My viewport fit is "cover"
    • My fullscreen mode is "scale inner"

    After making some adjustment on game objects in order to avoid them to be on the edges, it looks good on mobile.

    Then I tried the app on my iPad 8 which doesn't look good since the ratio is not really the same (4:3). That's the reason why I have decided to make specific "layout" for the iPad version, focusing on the ratio 4:3 (1440x1080).

    Unfortunately, while testing the game on an iPad Air 4, I have noticed white background as the ratio is 4:3 but the resolution is bigger (2360 x 1640).

    So... after reading the documentation about the screen size, I really don't understand why on iPad Air 4 the 4:3 layout is not good. I thought that ratio is more important than resolution, but it seems that it's not true. It's becoming very complicated to handle all the screen resolution on both tablet and mobile, and start to loosing more time that I though (technically speaking, in web design, I don't have so much trouble with lot of different screen resolution...).

    Thanks for your help.

  • You may have come across this article, which you should follow -

    Was there anything that you didn't understand exactly?

    If you use scale outer - design your game for the "squarest" aspect ratio, while allowing extra backgrounds so that they extend past the normal playable area for wider devices. (This is generally industry standard, afaik)

    If you use scale inner - design your game for the "widest" aspect ratio, and prepare for the edges to get cut off when viewed in devices with squarer aspect ratios.

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  • Thanks oosyrag for your answer.

    I have already read multiple times the tutorial that you have linked to me.

    By using scale inner, and some special layout for iPad, I thought that it will be ok but it appear that on iPad Air it's not the case : it just simply does not scale and let white image on the right.

    I have tried to use scale outer tonight. The issue is that by picking a 1440x1080 resolution, I really need to extend a lot the background in order to avoid white on the right part of the screen. But this come with an important cost : as you can see (or not), my game relies on finding object on a background. That's the reason why it's very important for my game to have more or less the same "background" view so the object position is coherent (a boat on the sea, not on the air). That's also why I had decided first to use scale inner and avoid putting object in the corner. And to handle 4:3 ratio (more on tablet), made specific layout for this ratio, but *sigh* is not "scaling" correctly on that one...

    How would you proceed in my kind of game ?

  • In the case where your background image is important as "content", you can use another background behind that as a filler that extends. You can think of this as a "picture frame" for your background.

    When trying to design for the squarest and widest aspect ratios together, often times you'll need to extend your background nearly 50% more to cover 16:9 from 4:3.

  • Thanks for your answer.

    I think that I will finally give up on the full screen solution and have black border on left and right. In my specific case I was wondering how « find object in screen «  game such as could handle different resolution properly. It’s looks like a scale inner solution but the difference between the two background is not that big.

  • If you want to use scale inner, you'll design for 16:9 and have to make sure that no gameplay elements are in the outside 25% on each side, knowing they could possibly be cut off on a 4:3 screen.

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