How do I... or more specific, WTF have I done!?

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  • I opened up my project few hours ago, and have spent past few hours doing my nut in trying to work out what has happened or what I have done...

    As the project name suggests its an style game... There for the obj_player should be following the mouse... But instead it has decided to travel by its self right, and get stuck in the effect I've got for when picking up the Obj_white_food.

    I've racked my relatively novice brain, and can't work it out.

    Seems all my events are present and in the same place.

    The stuff to do with the enemies at the bottom is a work in progress, and probably doesn't work, but I'll work that out once I've got to the bottom of the player movement issue. Just trying to transfer my enemyies into a family to cut down on my event list... Was beginning to get a little silly.

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  • You are a victim or r138. If I force the project back to r136, it works.

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