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  • Hello everyone :)

    So I've been doing some troubleshooting on trying to get my HTML Exported game to work on iOS Safari. (It works fine on Firefox and Chrome)

    But on iPhone Safari, the game loads and plays fine, however the sound does not play.

    I've searched around on the web and on these forums and tried changing <IFRAME> to <OBJECT> to no avail.

    I plugged in my iPhone and loaded up the Web Inspector on my laptop and discovered the following in the console errors:

    It seems there is a runtime error "MessageChannel determined to be broken. Job Scheduler Disabled."

    Looking further down, you can see that it fails to load my various audio files (webm) which is where my problem lies.

    I am stuck for solutions, is this something I can even address? or is it something the Construct team needs to look into as a bug?


  • It looks like a bug affecting certain old versions of iOS 11.

    Which version of iOS are you running? Have you tried updating it? Most users are on iOS 12+ by now, and iOS 12 is the minimum supported version for the C3 runtime due to bugs in iOS 11.

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  • Hi Ashley,

    Not sure what version it was prior as this was a loner phone from my IT Dept, but it did have a pending update. I've updated it to iOS 13.3.1 now, and it seems to be working fine! (No more MessengeChannel Errors) :D

    But funny story, it wasn't playing sound at first, the reason? There's a hardware-switch on this model of iPhone (iPhone 7 Plus) that mutes all audio and it flipped it back on, the sudden unmuting scared me haha.

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