On iOS, Construct does not save the project correctly.

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  • Hello everyone,

    I've got someone in my class who has to use Construct on an iOS, and she's having a lot of trouble saving her project. We went through the process using the different Cloud saves, none worked. Saving to the local browser gives a weird error talking about blobs. And saving the file localy works on Safari (not Chrome) but it saves the project as a Zip, which is unusable to reopen the project and keep editing it.

    It would be a little sad if she couldn't continue the course because of it, especially since Construct seems to be running fine other than that. Does anyone knows what's up with this and how can I fix this problem or work around it ?

    I've had her send me the .zip by mail but all it contains is the game files, no c3p files inside.

    Thanks a lot in advance if someone has an answers, have a nice day and stay hydrated.


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  • I ended up finding a solution, it turns out that the .zip file the iOS is generating is a c3p being saved with the wrong format somehow.

    I had her send me the .zip, I changed the extension to .c3p, and the file is now openable.

    Hope this helps someone, good luck !

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